Commercial Closings

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Our commercial real estate closing team wants to make the procedure as simple and stress free as possible for you; therefore, we review and explain all documents in a thorough manner. Leading up to the closing we stay in constant communication with the realtor or business broker, lender, title insurance companies, insurance agents, and you. It is our goal to make this process as pleasant as possible and we take our job seriously.

When signing a commercial agreement you will want to ask yourself four questions:

  • When do I want to open the property for business;
  • How long will my planned renovations take to complete;
  • How long will it take the bank to approve and provide loan documents to my attorney;
  • How long will the title search take to ensure I have good title to the property. Timing is crucial when arranging the transaction.

Recording: After you have signed all the documents required by your lender and attorney, your attorney will obtain the Deed from the Seller’s attorney. We then do a final examination of the title of the property and record both the Deed and Mortgage on your behalf. Once recorded, the property is yours! We then disburse all funds on your behalf to the seller and other parties whose invoices were listed on the settlement statement.

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"Always dependable and trustworthy. I love that you answer the phone! So many lawyers are using voicemail to handle calls."
"Strong organization and communication. We'd be very comfortable recommending Calder Law to our friends!"
"Robert did an excellent job at closing for me concerning my house. He explained everything in a very clear manner, and was thorough with all his work."
"You all were very personable, easy to contact/communicate with questions. You were recommended by our Realtor, a friend, and our builder!"
"Your strengths included maintaining open lines of communication, collaborating to insure the process was seamless, and providing service with the spirit of excellence in a timely manner!"
"Thanks again for all your help! Yall have lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and I am thankful!
"Your strengths included: Great explanation of details; reassurances through a very trying experience; much patience with questions!"
"You did a GREAT job! You were orgainzed and kept the process moving. Robert was personally involved, and the back office staff was vey knowledgeable."
"I had a quick and easy closing! You helped with all my questions and had great follow up."

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