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Calder Law can consult with you and assist by preparing commercial or residential property purchase and sale agreements. Where possible, we use the standard forms approved by the North Carolina Board of Realtor and Bar Association, as that helps keep the cost down. Where necessary, we will prepare custom contracts.

If someone else has prepared the contract, we can review it for you and make suggestions. If there are any questions about the rights and obligations contained in the contract proposed to you, you should have it reviewed by an attorney before you sign it. If we are handling your purchase closing, we expect to review the contract on your behalf (but if you have already signed it, we may not be able to help if there is a problem).

We can provide copies of the standard forms and addendums, if needed, and we can also prepare the “new” (October 2012) North Carolina Contract for Deed Agreements, which take the place of Lease/Purchase Agreements.

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